It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a long life together and a happy home is assured. Doves mate for life and symbolize love, peace, fidelity, prosperity, and good luck. A dove release is a symbolic and breathtaking touch for every wedding from the most intimate at home ceremony to the grandest fairytale affair. Traditionally, the bride and groom each release a single white dove in unison just after the first kiss during an outdoor ceremony, or when exiting from an indoor ceremony. The releasing of two white wedding doves by the bride and groom symbolize the newlywed couple embarking together on a life long journey as husband and wife. A flock of doves is released just after the bride and groom release their pair of doves. Additional white doves represent joy, celebration, and support from family and friends as they send the newlywed couple on their new journey. The beauty of a flock of pure white doves soaring up into the sky overhead is an unforgettable and awe inspiring experience.

You may choose from one of our wedding release packages below, or we can custom coordinate a White Dove Release package just for you. Our White Doves can be released by hand or from a beautiful decorative white wicker basket. We can play music as an option during our White Dove Release. Click *here* to listen to our White Dove Wedding Release music.


Symbolic Pair Release Package

  • A pair of White Doves are released by the bride and groom by hand or from a basket.

Grand Finally Release Package

  • A pair of White Doves are released by the bride and groom by hand or from a basket.
  • A flock of 12 or more White Doves are released by family and friends or from a beautifully decorated white wicker basket immediately afterward to join the pair in celebration.

Fancy Dove Display

  • 2 White Doves in a beautiful white wrought iron display cage.
  • Guests love to admire the White Doves up close and enjoy a photo opportunity in front of the display.


Peacock Display

  • 1 beautiful Blue India Peacock with a white wrought iron display perch.