Release Policy and Information


Our Release Policy

  • We will release only well trained, healthy White Racing Homing Pigeons. Our Homing Pigeons possess a natural homing instinct and will fly directly home to thier loft after a release. Our birds are trained athletes and can fly over 60 miles very quickly and easily. Each one of our pigeons wears an ID band with our name and phone number. Should one of our birds get lost en route back to their loft for any reason we can be notified if the bird is found.
  • We will wear appropriate attire for all events and will be 100% reliable and on time.
  • We will return deposits for acts of God, etc. should we have to cancel a white dove release.
  • We will only release our birds outdoors. Our birds cannot naviagte safely inside a building and may risk flying into something and getting hurt.
  • We will release our birds only durning daylight hours and not past one hour before sunset to ensure that they make it back to their loft safely. Pigeons do not see well at night.
  • We will not release our birds in inclement weather. Pigeons cannot fly well in foul wether.
  • We will not ship our birds by mail for self-release. We care deeply about our birds and we will always accompany them personally on a release.
  • We will release our birds only within a range in which they are able to get back home quickly and safely.

Reserving Your White Dove Release

  • Please reserve Your White Dove Release at least two weeks in advance. Please call or email us to make a reservation.
  • Reservations can only be secured by a minimum $50 deposit or payment in full.
  • We accept debit or credit card payments online through PayPal.
  • All reservations should be paid in full by the day of the event.
  • Cancellations made more than 4 weeks before the event will be fully refunded.
  • If a cancellation is made less than 4 weeks before an event, we will retain $50 as a cancellation fee and refund any extra that has been paid.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a dove release in bad weather ie. heavy rain, strong winds, hail or thunderstorms. We will issue a full refund if this is the case. If the dove release is called off because we decide that the time is too close to dusk for the birds to fly safely home (due to delays either within or outside your control), no money will be refunded.
  • We cannot guarantee exactly what the doves will do after they are released. The birds will always fly up into the air after their release, but they may disappear very quickly or they may circle around many times before flying away.


  • 1-4 White Doves released (add $10.00 per each additional dove over 4)
  • Fancy White Dove Display Cage
  • Peacock Display (add $50 per each additional peacock - 3 available)

  • Release areas outside 30 mile radius from Garfield, WA
    Add $50
  • Release points outside 50 mile radius from Garfield, WA
    Add $100

Service Area

Our service area encompasses an approximate 30 mile radius from our birds' home in Garfield, WA. This area includes Albion, Colfax, Elberton, Farmington, Garfield, Harvard, Moscow, Oakesdale, Onaway, Palouse, Potlatch, Princeton, Pullman, Rosalia, Steptoe, Tekoa, Thornton, and Viola. For release areas more than 30 miles from Garfield, WA please add $50.00. For release areas more than 50 miles away from Garfield, WA please add $100.00. All milages are determined from our home to the point of release using MapQuest.